Cross Canada Auto Body Supply Acquires Collision Parts Specialists

Windsor, ON - February 3rd, 2010: Cross Canada Auto Body Supply has acquired Collision Parts Specialists (CPS). According to terms of the agreement, CPS will become one of the distribution arms for Cross Canada.

Left to Right: John Santos, Peter Sepetanc, Paul Reichert

Left to Right: Paul Reichert, John Santos, Peter Sepetanc

"As one of our largest customers, CPS captured our attention as it quickly developed into a major national distributor," said Peter Sepetanc, President of Cross Canada Auto Body Supply. "Through aggressive growth it gained significant market share in the distribution channel of automotive aftermarket parts. Our management team agreed this was a prudent move to secure both our competitive advantage and our market share. In addition, the four CPS bumper recycling facilities greatly expand Cross Canada's product offering."

"Since our inception we recognized the value of Cross Canada's parts, personnel and leadership under Mr. Sepetanc. Their commitment to quality and service played an integral role in the success of our business," said Paul Reichert, Vice President of CPS. "Now, as part of the Cross Canada team, we can further develop our business model and better serve our customers in the collision repair industry."

"The jobber network has, and will always be, the cornerstone of our success," said Mr. Sepetanc. "This acquisition will not jeopardize our long-standing jobber relations; it will enhance them, by the addition of the added bumper rebuilding capacity.

Headquartered in Windsor, ON, Cross Canada Auto Body Supply is the nation's leading aftermarket parts supplier servicing the Canadian Collision Industry for 48 years. Cross Canada has five distribution warehouses: Windsor, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. Collision Parts Specialists, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a b2b supplier to the collision repair market with locations in Toronto, Mississauga, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton and Kamloops.

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