The insurance provider plays a critical role in the automotive industry as proper insurance coverage is indispensable in the event of an accident. The main goal for the insurance industry is to focus on constraining claims costs. Consumers today who have been involved in an accident and need repairs will more often than not be faced with the decision whether to use OEM or aftermarket parts in the repair. Manufacturers of OEM parts and other advocates of it claim that aftermarket parts are not subject to the same rigorous crash-testing procedures that OEM parts go through. The implication is that non-OEM parts are not as safe as OEM parts. This is however contradicted by the Insurance institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) who say that repairs with aftermarket parts do not degrade the safety of an automobile in a crash. Furthermore, the use of aftermarket parts which are less expensive then OEM parts has kept the premiums paid by consumers low compared if only OEM used, thus if the insurance company saves money, then the consumer will too.

Cross Canada's goal is to provide the best service to the insurance companies, with such services as:

  • Reduced claim management costs
  • Quick Problem Response
    Maximum 48 hour response if a parts issues arises.
  • Warranty Coverage
    We believe in our products and offer warranty coverage on many of the products we sell.
  • Parts Guarantee
    All Cross Canada collision parts are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle. This warranty includes perforation (metal rust-through) due to corrosion in normal use.
  • APU
    Cross Canada has now partnered up with APU to further simplify the insurance adjuster's process. APU (link to website here) has deals with both Audatex and Mitchell to provide integrated real time product information to the insurance companies. They will now be connected to Cross Canada’s system; Parts Handler, and live stock levels and product availability will be seen by the adjusters who then recommend to the repair facility what products are available for the auto repair.

For further information, please contact one of our many insurance representatives by e-mail at or by phoning a location near you.