Company History

The name Cross Canada Auto Body Supply first came into fruition in 1962. However, prior to 1962 it was a body shop that began in the garage of Milan and Justina Sepetanc who had immigrated from Slovenia. Milan and Justina started to bring in parts and sell to a few body shops around the city. The product was good and well priced but other body shops did not want to buy parts from their competitors, thus Cross Canada was born. Today, Cross Canada Auto Body Supply is now Cross Canada Collision Parts Specialists, but it is still family owned and operated and now run by 2nd generation and current President and CEO Peter Sepetanc and Vice President, Sylvia Soulliere. Tyler Soulliere and Joel Sepetance have recently joined the business and are the 3rd Generation learning the business.

Below, you can see how a little Ma and PA shop with product being sold from a garage has grown into one of the leading automotive aftermarket distributors in Canada with 14 locations providing over 400,000 sq ft of warehouse space. We currently employ over 325 employees and have over 300,000 product applications. We serve over 8,000 Distributors, have 4 bumper recycling facilities, 1 electroplating chrome bumper facility and also serve over 5,000 Body Shops nationwide.

Collision Parts Specialists

• Northstar Sept 24, 1973
• Fairmont Apr 1, 1990
• Tri-West Feb 1, 2007
• Auto Centre Mar 25, 2008
• G&A/CPS North York Jul 1,2008
• Wally's Bumper Oct 1, 2009

Cross Canada
Auto Body Supply

Windsor Feb 1, 1962 •
Toronto Jan, 1992 •
Edmonton Jan 1, 1999 •
Vancouver Oct 25, 2002 •
Calgary Sept 1, 2008 •